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Pharmacy website wrote about danger of sex in the water

Sex in the water is not safe for health, although it is a variety of sexual relationships.

Each sexual intercourse is an increase in the risk of cystitis in a woman, and presence in the water of various microorganisms is a higher chance of getting the disease as pharmacy website reported.

Doesn’t protect against pregnancy

According to the specialist, water does not wash off all sperm and does not protect against getting sexually transmitted infections. So don’t forget about protection.

Who can imagine using a condom underwater?

Despite the fact that it is very “slippery” and still not too reliable. That’s because chlorine, all sorts of detergents and oils (from tanning, for example) can destroy the material of the condom.

Water washes away the natural lubricant, which leads to the dryness of the vagina and additional injuries to the mucous membranes.

What does saltwater do?

At least, it leads to unpleasant sensations without silicone-based grease. Moreover, sexual intercourse in seawater leads to microfractures, which in turn are a direct pathway for infections.

According to urologists, such experiments are suitable only for regular partners who use hormonal contraceptives or spirals.